Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sherelle Harris?

It has been reported that Sherelle Harris a Red Apple Democrat, may run for the Board of Education. If this is true, what are her credentials? We know the obvious, she works at the library and is active in Norwalk. We know Steve Colorassi is a Harvard graduate and, as far as we know,  Haynie is a high school graduate. Do we know Harris's educational background?  We have heard that Susan Wallerstein backs her. --------------
How do you feel about three Red Apples on the Board?---------- Who do you back on the list of potential candidates and why? Does education have anything to do with it?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Superintendent Qualifications From the Community

In order to be sure we are indeed listened to by the Board of Education, I am asking YOU to relist what your qualifications were for the new Superintendent. So please take the time to re-tell us what you asked for in this position. Then we can compare your list with the actual appointee. It may help you determine if the current members of this Board deserve your vote. NorwalkSpeaks is here to get to the truth.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is Going on in The Norwalk Board of Education?

Will the teachers, administrators and the public allow the Board of Education and the Red Apples to squelch their opinions? There really is no transparency in The Board of Education. 'They' are going to push a superintendent on the district without any input. Is this what everyone really wants? Is this a way to raise test scores? Educators don't have any voice about anything? If this is what you want, remain silent, Norwalk! Otherwise, speak up here, on Nancy on Norwalk, on The Hour, write letters to the Board.....Don't wait for someone else to do it. Every single person needs to speak up. with the dictatorship you have settled for.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A New Superintendent

When there is no transparency, rumors do fly fast and furiously. This is the case in Norwalk. What is the truth?

1. Will there be a 5-4 vote on the BoE for this candidate?
2. Is this candidate someone who already knows that he (or she) has the appointment before a vote? How long has the candidate known this?
3. Is this person a retiree or someone from out of state?
4. Will this candidate push the Core Knowledge agenda of the Red Apples?
5. Was there a secret meeting of the Haynie group with this person?

These are the rumors. What is the truth???

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


If you have been reading Nancy C.'s blog, you will see selected quotes from e-mails regarding Core Knowledge. I stated 'selected' e-mails, because I suspect only those e-mails that support the push for Core Knowledge were released. What about the rest of the e-mails, Sue? Why weren't they all released to Nancy Chapman? What about the teacher ranking system? Is that being pushed aside?

What is transpiring in this Core Knowledge fight begs the question, what  are Sue Haynie's credentials? Google her, dear readers. Get on your computers and google her to find out what  her credentials are for making educational decisions. YOU let us know if you think she is qualified.

Second on the list of top two questions is about the appointment of a new superintendent. WHY WILL THERE BE NO SITE VISIT? Rumor has it that the superintendent had already been picked before the search began. Are we getting another loser? What is Mike Lyons hiding? Trust me. Something fishy is going on. Ask questions. Don't sit back and accept the total lack of transparency. This is a Board chosen superintendent with zero transparency. Is the public really willing to go that route?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Continuing the HOT Topics

There are a couple of really hot topics that seem to garner enough attention to deserve a page of their own. Let's start with the current conversations regarding Sue Haynie. We have had teachers, administrators, probably RedApples and parents commenting on the latest 'SH situation'.........
Does Sue Haynie have the right to choose a different curriculum from the curriculum that the teachers want? Where is her expertise in this matter? Is there something fishy going on, as one person wrote? Is the person who is selling the curriculum a friend of Sue's?  Is there a Language Arts curriculum now or not? Should Sue Haynie take over the district as someone suggested, even in jest!

Sue, how about answering these questions? And did you only attend one of the curriculum presentations, namely the one you want? Did you not attend the others?  Let's hear it from you! We want to know wherein your expertise lies.

Teachers, other brave administrators, please weigh in. If we are going to get transparency, it's not going to be from this Board! (Do we even know anything about the finalists for the superintendency?)