Saturday, November 30, 2013


 Tell us what is on your mind, Norwalk! You have the topics. Speak to us......

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy family, friends and good times! Happy Thanksgiving to our Norwalk Speaks friends!  I am grateful for the many teachers, administrators, employees and parents who support the Norwalk Public Schools. Thank you for all you do!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Posts at a Time: Can we keep them both going?

I am posting this post right on top of the last post on purpose. The last post talks about the Common Core, which I hope will stimulate some interesting comments. This post is directed mostly at the parents, so here goes........

There has been a lot of teacher and staff bashing in the last year. It doesn't seem fair, since teachers are trying so hard to care for our children. Test scores have steadily moved upwards and our schools have been kept safe. Are there teachers who are "less than." Sure there are. There are always employees in every workplace who are not up to par. It is up to the employer to support them and demand more, or to move them out.

The teachers are supporting our new superintendent. Isn't it time for us to support all staff? What are you going to do to say"thank you" and show that teachers are respected? Be specific so that others can get ideas. Whatever you do doesn't have to cost money. It's the idea. Let's see if we can get teachers all over Norwalk noticing that parents are supporting them. What will you do?

Common Core Standards - Criticism

Ravitch: Why so many parents hate Common Core

This is an interesting report on how the Common Core standards were never field tested; in New York's suburban districts only 31% of state's students in grades 3-8 passed or exceeded the standards and the results were already known before the tests were taken; the commissioner boasted that 45 states adopted the standards, but he neglected to mention that states were required to adopt "college and career-ready standards" to be eligible for the funds known as "Race to the Top."

Our readers might be interested in reading this article from CNN and adding their thoughts here.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Anonymous Speaks

Maybe we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Here are a few truths.

Lisa Thompson is a liar. After the election, she wrote one of her publish-everywhere letters to the editor to claim that Artie Kassimis was "a Republican who, by all accounts, seems more aligned with far left BOE Dems than members of his own party". Look at his votes for BOE leadership over the years and you'd know that this is a lie.

The "RedApples" are tiresome with their constant spin. Last year, the Apple spin (which Mike Barbis repeated) was that over half of Norwalk's students were reading below grade below- the CMT results show how FALSE that claim was. The members of the RedApples have never told the public a single bit of reform that "reform minded Susan Marks" ever proposed. Collarossi called them out every time they spewed their lies about him. But guess what, they never answered with any proof. 

The spin of Lyons, Chiaramonte, Barbis and Keyes has made us dizzy. We know that Rivera wasn't their fist choice. We know Chiaramonte should have resigned when he missed months of meetings this summer. We know Lyons should have passed the baton to Kassimis to rebuild trust on the BOE.

Lisa Thompson and her "group" cheated in the election. It didn't make a difference. But they still cheated. Connecticut law says that candidates (like Harris, Keyes, Haynie and Rosato) can't work with more than one campaign committee. The law says you can't take campaign help from anonymous sources (like free advertising). But if you saw the big posters at the polls, you'd see that they were working with some anonymous group that Lisa Thompson takes credit for.

The "civility" police are hypocrites. Supporting the superintendent is their mantra-- but "they" excused the constant attacks on Dadonna when he was interim. Anybody wondering where the outrage is over Mike Barbis' mean tweets?

We know Lisa Thompson is congenitally dishonest. We know her "grass roots reform movement" has few followers. We know that they are willing to lie, insult, distort history, twist facts and bury us with tweets, blog posts, etc. We don't trust them. So it's only natural that we don't trust the politicians "they" support.


Friday, November 22, 2013


What did the election accomplish? We have a Board of Education with members who have been called liars, spinners, worse than children, back room deal makers, puppets of the Apple Alliance.....and other assorted names. Have we elected folks who, as it has been said, are more polarized than ever? We have learned that the 5-4 split is at war. What will happen to our students? What will happen to the curriculum? What will this Board do when severe cuts are to be made? Where is Manny Rivera in all this? If I were in his shoes, I would be looking for another job. We have been told he wasn't even the first choice of the Apples. "History" has been mentioned in previous posts. Never in the history of Norwalk has there been a Board of Education as angry and hostile as this one.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Anonymous" I am quoting you....You are providing this topic.

I'm shocked at what Mike Barbis puts on twitter- but I'm not shocked that he insults people from behind his little protected account.
Here are the highlights of the guy Sherelle Harris and Heidi Keyes are supporting for BoE Chairman- shameful politics if you ask me.
[Insult to a letter writer in the 11/4/2012 Hour] I don't know what planet you are on but you don't know what you are talking about.

[Insult to Midaglia Rivas: 8/20/2013] I've been on the Board 2 years. I don't understand how and why she votes the way she does. No rational platform

[Insult to teachers] Question: on ELA curriculum, who knows more? National experts, NYC/NYS boards of ed or Norwalk teachers committee? Just asking

[Insult to ELA Director in response comment about her presenting research about ELA proposals] Wait, handing out 2 pages attacking the 5th ranked option is "honest"?

[Insulting the privacy of Executive Session by disclosing details: 7/9/2013] I'm confused.The Board is interviewing the principal finalists for NHMS but 2 of the board members just took off. Where is their commitment?

[Insulting Rosa Murray and Midaglia Rivas responding to request that he stop the drama: 7/9/2013 ] Nope, not doable. The hypocrisy needs to be exposed

[Insulting his critics: 6/20/2013] More anonymous attacks on me--again that "I'm political". Who are these wimps?

[Insulting Colarossi and Kassimis: 5/22/2013] Its an election season, right? BOE members up for re-election are suddenly asking questions about curriculum, worried about legal expenses?

[Insulting anyone who doesn't agree with him: 2/9/2013] And some great political grandstanding tonight.The local election is 9 mos away but we heard from some board members who are usually silent

[Insulting Midaglia Rivas:2/9/2013] Rivas ranting and raving. What is she accomplishing here? What is the point? We have an expert here to help us improve and Rivas attacking

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Norwalk Speaks.....

Norwalk Speaks allows the readers to choose topics about the school system.  We all have a turn, even me. So now it is your turn. Choose your topic, ask a question, tell us your story.....Norwalk Listens!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

And So The School System Turns........

Elections are over and we will have a new mayor and a different make-up on the Board of Education. The one thing we can be sure of is the superintendent. So far, so good. He is well liked by all. He gets along well with the Unions, the administrators and the teachers. Daddona and central office staff have positive things to say about him. Parents like him! It's a miracle......

So what's new and different with our readers? Outstanding questions on people's minds seem to be Thomson wants Barbis for the new Board Chair? Is that so she can control him? Will the Apples vote the Apple issues or their party's issues? Should be an interesting year!

Feel free to choose any topic you wish to discuss. Ask any questions that are on your minds. In other words, your turn............

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


We’ve GOT to make noises in greater amounts!
So, open your mouth, lad!
For every voice counts!......Dr. Seuss 

We've GOT to make noises in greater amounts!
So get yourself moving
For every VOTE counts!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

In My Opinion


In My Opinion:

If you want peace and harmony to return to the Board of Education; if you want respect back in Norwalk; if you want this superintendent to succeed because he is all about respect.......


In my opinion, the Board of Education has taken a path toward hatred and vilification, toward vendettas and a need for power. 

We, in Norwalk, must work together.  It is my belief that the only way we can deliver harmony and respect to this superintendent is to elect Collarossi, Roman, Kassimis and Mosby to the Board of Education.