Friday, October 2, 2015

Questions to Consider

Some questions that will determine the future of the Norwalk Public Schools and the taxpayers' contributions.....

Adamowski has uncovered expenditures hidden in grants that require a shift to the local budget. Estimated cost, $3,000,000? 

Adamowski has met with Special Education parents and has spoken of appointing a cabinet level administrator to oversee the department, adding other administrators to be sure Norwalk is in compliance with findings. 
Estimated cost, $1,000,000?

Add these costs to union contract increases and what's the total?

The Board of Education faces an election where everyone who is elected will be subservient to Mike Lyons and his wishes.  So far, we have seen Mike Lyons throw everyone under the bus who disagrees/challenges/differs from him. Is that an opinion or a fact? Recently Rivera, and the usual victims, were victims for the grants problem. Did we get to hear the victims' side of the story? Squelched!

Teachers are fed up with computer problems, but they are challenging an appointed administrator who is protected by Mike and his followers.  Apparently the grants administrator is in the same category, unless there is another reason why she is not ever mentioned for grant-gate?

Remember Daddona, who was the whistleblower for the After the Bell illegal grant expenditures? He took quite a beating for exposing illegal expenditures from a grant.  Does it make sense to you that Mike Lyons named Daddona first (in Mike's list) as in charge of determining how the grant-gate money was spent?  Does that make sense to you? 

Taxpayers, you were thrilled with the Rivera/Lyons budget for this school year.  Don't you wonder how the Adamowski/Lyons budget will add up for next year?  If 10% of you vote, you can be sure only those 10% get their way.  They support the new administrators and all the costs. Do you?

Feel free to add any other concerns or comments.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Good and The Bad

Let's start with the good happenings in the Norwalk Public Schools. Would you like to contribute some positive initiatives that you see?

We have been hearing about some of the not so good, but you are welcome to add to the list.

Please feel free to add your comments. As always, your comments remain anonymous to me as well as to readers unless you choose to add your name.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Convocation and......

From Adamowski: "........... we need to talk to each other and not about each other," he said.
He advised educators to refrain from sharing internal issues with parents or social media before it is resolved. "The effect of us fighting with each other in public lowers public confidence in all of us," 

What do you think? If Mike Lyons, Lisa Thomson and Sue Haynie give us their word that they will stay off of Nancy on Norwalk, or any of the parent blogs, we will shut down NorwalkSpeaks.

Mike? Lisa?  Sue? How much do you want to support the new superintendent. You've got my word. Do I have yours?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to School

So much will change with a new superintendent! There are many new administrators on board as well. Will we be seeing "Master Adamowski" or "Superintendent Adamowski?"

What comments would you like to make on any NPS topic?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

All is Quiet

What is happening in the Norwalk Public Schools? It's been very quiet at Central Office.

Your comments...................

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