Saturday, October 22, 2016

Superintendent Salary

For the 2016-17 school year, a performance of at least 70 out of 100 points would earn the superintendent a salary adjustment equal to that received by unionized administrators. A score of 80 to 84 points would result in a bonus equal to 3 percent of the superintendent’s $250,000 base salary. A score of 85 to 89 would earn a bonus equal to 4 percent of his salary, and a score of 90 or higher would earn Adamowski a 6 percent bonus.This system of evaluation and compensation may also be applied to the seven members of senior management who directly report to the superintendent, as Adamowski requested.; 203- 354-1049; @kevinedschultz

Mike Lyons, BoE agreement, on hiring the superintendent:Your annual compensation, inclusive of salary and annuities, shall be $250,000, which shall be prorated for the initial year of July 15, 2015 through June 30, 2016, payable biweekly. The Definitive Agreement shall include provisions for adjustments in compensation in future years based on the Superintendent’s evaluation. 
Potential  6% x 250,000 = $15,000 raise in one year



  1. Some delving into what plans and implementation needs to surely be done before writing a bonus check to anyone. More people have been hired for central office than may be needed. While past leaders just cut without thought process, we now have more chiefs than tribes. Also closing the gap on graduation rates; what are we measuring?
    students who might want to work or go to night school are being denied that right.
    Is that not against the law????
    That keeps the stats they want in line so that it looks great.
    Also, what about elementary schools and the gaps in reading and math?
    Middle Schools students are underidentified in middle school, and when they arrive at high school; there are tremendous deficits in reading and writing

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