Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NBE Salaries

What do you think about the top Board of Education salaries?

'Retiring Kendall Elementary School Principal Tony Ditrio had a salary of $190,312 followed by schools Chief of Technology Ralph Valenzisi with $189,754. Brien McMahon High School Principal Suzanne Koroshetz and Norwalk High School Principal Reginald Roberts each were paid $184,963.'  -Norwalk Hour


  1. What does Ralph actually do to command such a high salary?

  2. just been finally confirmed...Suzanne Koroshetz retiring.

    is the job being given to her "fav" housemaster, or will the district put in a really experienced person?

  3. Is there any information out there about the former jefferson principal and the investigation into misuse of funds?
    Hear he is now in New London with the Super...who had the big broom!

  4. Boy wouldn't we like to know the truth about THAT one. Many of us who are or were at Jefferson were called into the Police Department and interviewed by a detective in the Fraud Division. The school was left a mess.

    New London should be very careful who they hire.

  5. For decades, admin hires were all a 'done deal' and the interview process just a sham. Not sure how it's happening now with Adamowski.

  6. let's hope adamowski does not go with the"norwalk way"...time for a change.